About us - Who are we and what do we do? 

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Hi, thanks for visiting my website  

Let me introduce myself. I am Michelle Dubock and I am a fully qualified Crystal Therapist, registered and approved by the British Complementary Medicine Association and the Association of Energy Therapists. I am based in Coventry in the West Midlands.

 I have been running Corvinna Crystals for several years since I qualified as a therapist . To achieve this I completed an intensive One Year Diploma in Crystal Therapy and a second year Advanced Techniques Diploma taught by the Kai Amea Holistic School of Therapy and Spiritual Development, approved by the BCMA and examined by the Open College Network. I have also completed courses in Kai Amea Energy Therapy, Anatomy and Physiology and the Human Energy Field and Psychology. I am a member of the British Complementary Medicine Association and Association of Energy Therapists and abide by their code of conduct.

I have successfully helped both humans and animals in the course of my work as a therapist , something I find very rewarding and love doing, the main focus of Corvinna Crystals. Every year I run a stall at the Leamington Peace Festival, doing taster sessions and raising the profile of Crystal Therapy, assisted by my lovely husband Keith.



I also run both one day Introduction to Crystals workshops for those with an interest in using crystals for themselves, and a full Two Year Approved Diploma course for those who want to make crystals a bigger part of their life and career. My Working with Unicorns courses allow you to connect and work with the wonderful energy of Unicorns - a must for all those drawn to these magical creatures.

I make and sell healing wands for use with Crystal Therapy, Reiki, Kai Amea Therapy and Wiccan/Pagan/Magical ritual purposes to very strict standards and with great care for the energy of the wand - all the elements must be in harmony and want to work together or the power of the wand will be diminished. I usually have some made or can make to order to your own specifications for occasions like handfastings or just for your own workings.

 Another part of my work involves channelling and painting images which I see during therapy work, dreams or meditation and are usually slightly different ways of looking at the natural world and spiritual journeys by searching souls. 

 You can see them on my Gallery page and you can buy the full range of artworks as cards and prints from the Online Shop on this site and also a limited number of works from www.slipperyjacks.com. Selected originals are available by contacting me directly.


You can buy gift vouchers towards any treatment, course or wand  from the Online Shop on this site - it makes a unique present for someone, a new experience, a bit of pampering, something to talk about, a bit of fun and certainly an eye-opener! It's much better than socks again!

Vouchers are available for £5, £10 and £20 and you are able to buy any combination of amounts to make up the amount you want. Each gift voucher comes with an envelope so it can be used as a card.


Finally -  why Corvinna Crystals? Corvinna is an Anglo Saxon word which means "Raven's friend".

One of my favourite creatures and guide during training is the raven, a very clever and beautiful bird which is happily making a come back in this country after being confined to a few remote locations by extermination. In the mythology of many cultures the raven is a keeper of secret knowledge and ancient magic, a soul guardian and the gatekeeper to the akashic library where every thought, deed and word in every life is said to be stored. A very helpful guide while I trained, I thought it would be nice to honour that help by naming my practice for him - certainly a useful ally if the mythology is to be believed!

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