Useful links

Here are some links I find useful and a few other sites you might be interested in having a look at.  

This is the website of the Association of Energy Therapists.

The website of the British Complementary Medicine Association.


The website of the KaiAmea school of Therapy and Spiritual Development. Excellent place to learn about Energy Therapy and all things spiritual.

The website of the fabulous Dan Yr Ogof showcaves, National Showcaves for Wales - would recommend a visit here anytime, one of the only caves you can tour without a guide at your own pace. I got married here last year, it was magical and I would recommend it to anyone. LOVE the place and so will you. A must for those working with Earth energy.

Another cave I highly recommend - truly beautiful, really worth a visit.

A truly amazing cave, breathtakingly beautiful, a must to visit. Wander round this cave in your own time and marvel at the stunning formations and crystalised walls. The owners of this cave are really friendly, knowledgable and happy to discuss features with you - really lovely people with a true care for the preservation of this natural wonder. If you're ever in the area, you must have a look.

Excellent site for finding spiritual books at a discount.

The website of the Leamington Peace Festival - on every year in June, usually the weekend before the solstice, this free festival has a great atmosphere and a friendly, peaceful and ethical attitude. Always great fun to work at or visit, a worthwhile day for all the family. As always, I'll be there doing treatments, please come and say hello.

Good site for listening to or buying music to relax, meditate or chill out to.

The website of Damh the Bard - fabulous musician and Druidic Bard. His original music tells old stories and connects us back to the world of nature, earth energy and the old ways. Would recommend any of his albums and Mrs Damh the bard, Cerri Lee makes excellent T shirts and altar figures.

Website of another fabulous band, their music always cheers me up and, If you ever get the chance, go to one of their gigs and dance like you've never danced before!

Website of another great band - a bunch of larger than life hairy germans with a great sense of humour who make the middle ages ROCK!!!!! they don't need to have amps that turn up to 11 - they can be heard three fields away playing accoustic. A MUST to see live.

Another great band who blend traditional and new music to make magical pagan/celtic folk. Their version of Poe's The Raven is incredible. Give them a listen!

Totally fab clothes for the curvy girl who is a little different. Really flattering romantic tops, skirts and jackets, a little Gothic without you needing to reach for the black hair dye. Run by a really nice lady called Jo who is very helpful and a pleasure to know. Super fast postage too.

Website of the rock'n'gem shows, an excellent place to buy crystals

I just love this artist's pictures of goddesses and her oracle is a good buy.

Phil and Tracy - brilliant purveyors of all things pagan. INCREDIBLE leatherwork - contact them for bespoke items, they are brilliant, very helpful and accomodating and the results are always stunning. Makers of magickal costume, leatherwork, armour, weaponry, drinking horns, woodwork and much more. Have a look and if you're in the Coventry area, visit them at the re-enactors market held twice a year at Ryton.

Because everybody needs pampering now and again - a bit of "bath therapy" never goes amiss, I find, especially if you combine it with some candles and a nice glass of wine! This company has an animal friendly policy I like, is always campaigning if they find something that needs dealing with and use as few chemicals in all of their products as possible, so they're as skin friendly as they can be. Their fresh face masks and hair treatments are divine.

An excellent site for finding and visiting megalithic sites.

A great site and excellent resource for spiritual writings and poetry

Slipperyjacks website - you can buy my artwork from here and that of other very talented artists.

A good site for buying witchy and spiritual supplies - has some really unusual items. Ok, it's a US site with prices in dollars but ships internationally. Good for those hard to find pieces.

Website of the Chalice Well in Glastonbury - well worth a visit .

Excellent shop for all things witchy and spiritual, Uk site.

Great shop in Glastonbury - THE BEST place for hand blended incense and oils and all essential oils and related sundries. Great candles of all colours and sizes and wonderful sculptures.

Zazen - sells wonderful statues and buddhist supplies. Also has lots of info on deities.

A really great website belonging to Dina Flockhart - maker of extraordinary costumes, cloaks and dresses and seller of some stunning supplies to make or add to your own garments. This lady offers the best cutomer service i've ever encountered and is so friendly and helpful. It's a US site but payment with paypal makes for smooth and easy transactions. Have a good look through the many items for sale here!

Online resource for every sacred text you can imagine and some you never knew existed.

The place to find therapists and more info about different therapies - yep, I'm on here!

Just fantastic silk clothes all ethically traded and in plus sizes too.

Release your inner goth or medieval babe - these clothes are AMAZING. They have a choice of colours - not just black - and some seriously nice designs. They make plus sizes for those of us of a curvy persuasion to look and feel great. Well worth a look.

Our friends from London/Leamington Peace Festival - the Fabulous Bubbleologists!! A MUST visit at any festival - look out for their events and check out their stall. They have everything under the sun for anyone like me who is a big kid at heart when confronted with a bubble machine. Really nice people and a really nice website.

Just the most FAB site and dvd about megalithic sites in the UK - these two local guys spent a year visiting them all and the result is well over 2 hours of dvd footage. Ok, it doesn't approach it from an energy angle but you can experience that for yourselves when you visit the sites, it's far more fun that way anyway! Recommend this dvd to anyone and have already visited some of the places on it - explore them for yourself.


More links to follow as I come across them.