How can I learn More?

Which course you choose depends on how far you want to take your interest in crystals.

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At present I run two crystal courses : a one day Introduction to Crystals course and the full Two Year Diploma. I also run one day Wand Making workshops - for details see the dedicated page.

One day Introduction to Crystals course.

The one day course is suitable for everyone from complete beginners with no experience of crystals or therapy, to qualified therapists of other disciplines wanting to try something new or expand their knowledge. It gives you an all-round view of the human energy field and crystal realm and introduces some basic techniques for you to use on yourselves or friends and family. It is a useful introduction for anyone thinking about trying the full diploma course and will give you an idea of what is involved and if you are really drawn to working with crystals.

 As it is a one day course it does not give any formal qualification but can be submitted by therapists as part of the years training requirement under Voluntary Self Regulation.

It's quite a packed day and includes

  • A simple understanding of the Human energy Field and how it works
  • How crystal energies affect it
  • How to link to the Crystal Realm
  • How to use a pendulum
  • How to choose and care for crystals
  • Different types of crystal and their uses and properties
  • Basic healing techniques
  • Using crystals for guidance
  • Contacting the angelic consciousness of a crystal


This course can be great fun and you'll be surprised how much you can do. Why not get a group of friends together and book a course for yourselves?

Courses run from 10.30am to 4pm and cost £45 per person. Booking in advance is essential as numbers are limited to a maximum of 8 per course to ensure everyone has time to attempt the practical work on someone.



 Two Year Diploma course

The two year Diploma Course is much more intensive and detailed and runs over six weekends in the first year (including the assessment day) and either six weekends or twelve separate training days in the second. This course has been written by the Kai Amea Holistic School of Therapy and Spiritual Development ( see links page )

The first year covers in depth knowledge of the Human Energy Field and how to read it, the crystal realm, working with crystals and standard treatment techniques. At each stage you will be required to learn new treatment methods, use them on members of your course and practice at home and you will receive several treatments yourself. During the span of the course this means that you will be working on your own energy field as well as those of others and may have to confront patterns and baggage you've carried for some time to be able to work through and clear them so it's not just the learning work you have to think about, you'll be working on yourself too. This can take courage and determination but is always very rewarding.

At the end of the six training weekends there will be both a practical and written exam and you will then be given six months to submit a specified number of case studies and a thesis. This is why the training is done over weekends in the first year to enable you time to complete the necessary work. Once this is completed you will be given your year one certificate and be able to obtain student therapists insurance.


The second year is either done over six weekends or as twelve training days and mainly studies advanced techniques such as altered state therapy, inner child work and meridians. It studies the extended energy field and introduces higher chakras and more complex energy mechanisms. You touch on more complex subjects such as the dying process which can promote great discussion and debate and challenge your beliefs. The treatments you give and receive will continue and some very deep work is done in the second year so it can be more personally challenging than the first.

There is no exam at the end of the second year you will be given your year two certificate and you are able to use the knowledge gained in the last two years study for your own self development and to benefit your family and friends but if you wish to practice as a therapist there are other requirements you must fulfill.




If you wish to become a practicing therapist you must complete the Professional Standards exam which incorporates a Business Practice course, the Anatomy and Physiology and the Human Energy Field module course and a more intensive formal exam with practical, written, case study and thesis elements. This is mandatory to comply with the National Occupational Standards and may soon become law.

This qualification is recognised by professional bodies such as the BCMA and will allow you to continue practicing as a qualified therapist when the government introduces proposed regulations which may make it difficult for many. It shows that you are educated to the correct standard in your chosen therapy, that you are professional, dedicated, serious and committed to providing the best possible care for your clients to the highest standards. Since so called alternative therapies have many who doubt their worth and effectiveness, it can only be of benefit both to you and the therapy as a whole to show that you take it seriously.

After qualification you will need to obtain full therapists insurance to practice.

The diploma course costs consist of £130 non-refundable enrollment fee per year and  the rest is split into installments of £110 per weekend, payable at the start of each weekend's training. NB: if your second year is done in 12 training days it would cost £55 per day.

The Anatomy and Physiology course including the Professional Standards exam can be done alongside the second year's training or as an extra year and costs £300 inclusive of study pack and exam fees.

For more information about the diploma course please contact me.