Info about the Working with Unicorns one day course


Ever been fascinated by these beautiful creatures and wanted to get closer or find out more about them?

Do you have a collection of "Unicorn things" - pictures, figures etc - and feel drawn to their pure energy?

The Working with Unicorns one day course gives you an introduction to Unicorns, the Unicorn realm and Unicorn Energy. Unicorns and Crystals are intrinsically linked and working with one makes working with the other easier. This course will open your eyes and experience to the loving pure energy of Unicorns and will help you both contact them and work with their assistance.

The one day course covers

  • Unicorns - the history and mankind's knowledge of them
  • What IS a Unicorn?
  • The Unicorn Realm
  • How can Unicorns help us and we them
  • Ways of making contact easier
  • Contacting Your Unicorn
  • Unicorn guidance
  • Merging with Unicorn energy
  • Healing with the Unicorns

The day course runs from 10.30am to 4pm and costs £45 - to confirm your place and spread the cost £20 deposit must be paid either by cheque or the link in the online shop. The remaining £20 is paid on the day. Booking in advance is essential to confirm your place on the course.

All you need to bring is a light heart, an open mind and some lunch!


Dates are available on the News page and regularly updated.


As it is a one day course it does not give any formal qualification but can be submitted by therapists as part of the years training requirement under Voluntary Self Regulation.

Any questions please feel free to call or email me.