Wands for healing, ceremonial and magical work


Making wands to use in healing, ceremonial and magical work is another skill I acquired during my therapist training. For several of the second year advanced techniques you need a crystal wand. These can be bought for about twenty pounds and are usually made of wood or copper but are mass produced and I found that the one I bought just didn't feel right - in fact it's still in my cabinet, never has been used yet!

I have always had a strong link with trees and earth energy and I decided to have a go and see if I could make something better and soon discovered woodworking and carving skills I didn't know I possessed!  I started making wands for myself but soon found that I just had too many so began to offer them for sale. Some wands I must confess are very hard to let go of and some I know when I make them that they're not for me and will have to be released, but so much care and work goes into them, it can be hard. I'll never make a wand with any less care than I would if I was using it myself.

I'll include a gallery of wands that I've made in the past, some made as commissions to clients' requirements and some made as the wand desired. You can buy my wands in the shop  - what is available will always change as I make more or you can email me and ask for something specific.

How are the wands made?

First and foremost, attention MUST be paid to the energy of every element of the wand. Right from cutting the wood to cleaning and charging the finished wand it it vital to ensure the energy of the wand is harmonious, after all, you want the work you do with it to be beneficial. I am convinced that one of the reasons the mass produced wands feel odd is that this has never been checked. Each of my wands is totally unique, no two are made the same and the energy of each is different.


To the uninitiated one crystal looks and feels very much like another but this could not be farther from the truth as EVERY crystal is different - even if you have fifty amethysts, each one will have a slightly different energy, just like you are all members of your family but you're all unique.

When making a wand there are always at least two crystals involved, the point and the tip, and it is necessary to ensure that they want to work with each other and that energy flows between them freely. The more crystals are in a wand, the more this must be checked. They must also want to work with the wood, which also has it's own energy.

It is possible to use just about any type of crystal in a wand, the point does not have to be clear quartz, it can be any type with natural facets although I find that types of quartz eg smoky, harlequin, clear, aura are the best. The crystal at the tip can be anything at all as long as it's correct for that particular wand's energy. You can also have crystals set into the shaft of the wand as required. More crystals does not necessarily mean more power, sometimes too many can confuse the energy too much, a case of "too many cooks". Each wand soon makes clear what it needs.


First rule I have when gaining wood for wands is always to ask permission from the tree/bush without exception. It makes sense that if you want a wand that works with you, you need the energy to remain with the wood to add to it's strength. I know there are differing schools of thought on this and some people will only use "dead wood" that has already been cut or fallen off the tree but I prefer the spirit of co-operation.

I take great care not to take wood all from one tree, not to take more than I need and not to take often. I am very particular about the tree's location and when I cut. Certain times of year or festivals are better for certain types of wood and the moon phase is also important. I always thank the donor and give a gift either of energy, water or food.

Before starting any wand I meditate with the wood to see what impressions I get from it and what sort of crystals, spiral and symbols it might want. Even the length of the wand is dictated by the feedback I get. They aren't so much made as emerge from the raw branch like butterflies from a chrysalis.

As far as types of wood used go, although there are some which are more traditional in certain circles, I find there are no hard and fast rules. I have used wild rose, ivy and heather in wands which have a really nice energy and work really well even though these woods are not usually used.  Some woods are harder to work with than others, especially as I try to do all my carving by hand with as little machine intervention as possible. The hardness of the wood can mean it takes much longer to make and is often reflected in the price, as is the expense and rarity of the crystals.


Once complete, each wand is cleaned by smudging with incense and left to absorb the energy of a full moon cycle. Then they are ready to begin working with whoever they are meant for in whatever way they prefer. Each wand comes with a write-up giving information about the properties of the wood, crystals, spiral and any symbols carved on it, along with any extra relevant info about how it was made.

Wand uses

Ceremonial wands


The wand shown above is a handfasting wand I was comissioned to make by a couple. They told me roughly what size they wanted, what wood they wanted, which crystals they wanted represented and specified the carving and ribbon under the spiral linking the crystals. When they recieved the wand they were over the moon and were kind enough to let me know how it performed for them - their priestess was very impressed by the power it had casting the circle for their marriage and it ensured a memorable and successful ceremony, creating a circle with the perfect energy for their day.

Handfasting wands are a very personal thing - after all it's a vital part of someone's wedding ceremony and has to be exactly right both in energy and appearance. They are something which can be kept and used at further family ceremonies - children's namings, coming or age, renewing of vows etc.

Wands can be made for any type of ceremony and are usually bespoke items made to the user's personal specification, although those already made would be equally as powerful. It all comes down to personal preference really.


Wands for healing work.

All of the wands I make can be used for Crystal Therapy work. As with the crystals you use, a wand that you have a personal resonance with will be more effective channel for energy than a mass produced one. You choose and work with the crystals that draw you and it's the same with wands - it attracts you for a reason.

Wands can be used by many therapies and each will know how to incorporate them into the methods they use eg Reiki/Energy Therapy practitioners can use them to draw symbols to increase their focus and power. They can be used for accupressure or to break up blocks of negative energy and are excellent at focusing intent.


Wands in magical work

Ok, so we've all seen Harry Potter but I'm afraid you're not going to be able to stupefy anyone with these unless it's by doing the "full Trelawney",waving it about in a mysterious fashion going "wooooo"!

Anyone in Wiccan/Pagan circles will have an idea of the proper use of a wand for magical purposes and these are made with all considerations and proper ceremony to be useful to those working at any level. The care and intent for positive energy that goes into every stage of making them will lend power and positivity to any workings. Certain woods will have stronger correspondances with different festivals or times of year and with different elements, astrological signs and planetary influences and those with symbols on will also add their flavour to your rituals. Each wand has a spiral of either silver, copper or both linking the crystals and the number of turns in the spiral will also lend it's significance.


A word to the wise - these wands are made purely with intent for use for the highest good and should be used with the same intent. Before using any of my wands for any purpose I highly recommend linking with their energy by meditation or whatever ritual you prefer, it will give you a stronger empathy with your wand and make it a clearer channel for anything you want it to do.


Any questions please feel free to contact me. I also will repair any of my wands to the fullest possible extent should they suffer any mishap.